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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  November 24, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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we have breaking news as we come on the air tonight. they have now urging calm in chicago. the new video just released. the police chief, the major pleading for pea after an office is now charged with first degree murder, accused of continuing to shoot a black teenager as he lay dying. also breaking tonight, the new fbi alert now issued right here at home. just as millions travel for thanksgiving, fears now of a copy cat terror attack. heightened security at soft targets. meantime tonight, authorities say another major plot in paris, stopped in its tracks. this stunning image. the russian fighter jet taking aim at isis, shot out of the sky by turkey. the search for the pilots. the thanksgiving s storme're tracking. wind, rain, snow. where it hits tomorrow. > and the thanksgiving surprise.
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as $100. good evening. and we have several breaking stories as we come on tonight. and we begin with chicago on edge tonight. the mayor, the police chief, city leaders all coming before the camera just moments ago, urging calm. after a police officer was charged with first degree murder. that chicago officer is accused of shooting and killing a black teenager and continuing to fire, even after the teenager fell to the ground. 16 shots in 15 seconds. the officer entering court today, city leaders saying that officer is going to be held accountable for his actions. as the entire city is just now seeing the video of what happened when that teenager was shot repeatedly. c's alex perez leading us off from chicago tonight. >> reporter: tonight, chicago police officer jason van dyke turning himself in, charged with first degree murder. >> it is graphic. it is violent. it is chilling. >> reporter: tonight, van dyke, from cop to inmate.
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man die in such a violent manner is deeply disturbing. >> reporter: the incident unfolding october 20th, 2014, at 9:47 p.m. police get a call about a suspect armed with a knife who had been breaking into ca. just ten minutes ter, 9:57, police zero in on that suspect, mcdonald, walking down the street. moments after arriving on the scene, officer van dyke opens fire. the suspect falls to the ground and prosecutors say he keeps firing, emptying his .9 millimeter on mcdonald. 16 rounds in 15 seconds. van dyke's attorney refused to answer questions, but had this to say. >> this is not a murder case. despite what you heard in the courtroom. >> reporter: tonight, the cook county state's attorney under fire for now pressing charger sooner. defending her year-long investigation, saying the thorough review was necessary for the case to hold in court. >> so many young people of color do not trust law enforcement. they see how long this took to be investigated.
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>> clearly, this officer wt overboard. you know? and he abused his authority and i don't believe the force was necessary. >> reporter: van dyke becomes the first ever on dutyhicago police offic to be charged with murder. >> jason van dyke will be judged in the court of law. that's exactly how it should be. >> reporter: and the mcdonald family has already reached a $5 million settlement with the city. they are calling for peace. van dyke is being held without bond. alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> alex leading us off tonight. alex, thank you. and we are als following the new fbi alert tonight for americans right here at me, just as millions now travel for thanksgiving. the fbi and homeland security very concerned about the potential for a copycat terro atta here in the u.s., after paris. the warning involves beefing up security at so-called soft targets, trains, airpoports across the country. and at malls, as well. a heavy police presence from new york to miami to los angeles tonight. abc's senior justice
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the strongly word alert this evening, warning attackers could, quote, replicate paris using similar weapons and tactics. >> reporter: at washington's union station today, an unmistakable show of force. repeatingg scenesrom lower manhattan this week. fbi and homeland security officialals today sharing their most urgent concerns in that new bulletin to police and across the country. that homegrown radicals inspired by syria-based operatives could seek to replicate the effects of the ris attacks using similar weapons and tactics, although on a smaller scale. many of the 18,000 law enforcement agencies now stepping up security. even though no specific plot has been identified. today, amtrakak's polic chief showed us how the national rail system is protecting thousands of thanksgiving holiday passengers. so, chief, there's no specific threat, but you've taken only ve specific action. >> we have. you're going to see some
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we have one of our explosive protection canine. >> reporter: law enforcement sources tell abc news they've uncovered no intligence thahat ice sis sent a cell to america. dozens of potential copycat attackers, each suspect under 24-hour blanket surveillance, involving dozens of agents and analysts. >> and pierre thomas with us now live. i know the fbind the department of homelandecurity on calls with police chiefs across this country today. and while theyre concerned, want to try to reassure everye at home tonight, because they know of no specific plot? >> reporter:r: no specific plot. officials in constant contact. in addition to the dozens of serious cases, there are 900 investigations in all 50 states. it's all hands on deck >> 900 investigations. erre thomas tonight. thank you, pierre. there are also fast-moving developments from paris this evening. word tonight of yet another
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terror plot there. unleashed. and investigators say they were going to target paris' financial district. tonight, the eighth attacker, still on the run. and there is now an ininternatiol manhunt at this hour for this man. spotteted at gas station with the alleged eighth attacker. and this evening, abc news has learned that not only was there another plot for paris, authorities now telling us, there is another sleeper cell of about ten suspects on the loose right now. abc's matt guan from brussels tonight. >> reporter: that paris attack ringleader, abdelhamid abaaoud, not only participated in the attacks, shooting up this restaurant, but also, french prosecutors saying tonight, he and an accomplice planned a suicide attack on la defense, paris' wall reet. that attack planned for november 18th of 19t9th, the d after s.w.a.t. teams cornered him north of paris. 5,000 bullets fired in this siege, finally killing him. that explosion? a still unidentified suicide bomber.
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spinning wider tonight. belgian authorities setting off an international manhunt for this man, mohammed abree meiniabrini, who they say was seen at this gas station two nights before the attacks, driving one of the getaway cars. and with him, prosecutors say, salah abdlam, likely the driver of attackers who blew themselves up during this soccer match. are you satisfied right now with the amount of information and intelligence that is shared? >> no, it was a failure. >> reporter: and tonight, belgian's foreign minist, didier reynders, telling abc news there is another terror cell of about ten still onhe loose. >> it's possib to receive a real terrorist attackiowa tack. >> reporter: with that high alert in aect through monday, this is still a city on partial lockdown. while schools are scheduled to reopen tomorrow, the foreign minister telling us those terrorist cells are likely targeting commercial centers and malls.
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>> matt gutman in brussels for us. as france takes aim at isis with air strikes now, they have been joined by russia, targeting isis, as well. but tonight, that dramatic and alarming image. a russian military jet shot down, not by isis, but by turkey. saying russia was flying over their air space. a plume of smoke, a russian war plane shot out of the sky by turkish fighter jets. turkey saying they issued ten warnings in about five minutes time. the two pilots ejecting. at least one now believed dead. russian president vladimir putin calling the move a quote stab in the back and now vowing serious consequences. and thisevening, the white hous is also respondingng. could this now lead to something else? abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz. >> reporter: the fireball, a russian su-24 fighter jet, streaking across the sky. shot down by an air to air missile from a turkish f-16, crhing into the syrian
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the russian p pilots ejt. their parachutes deploy. as they fall to earth, they come under heavy gunfire from syrian rebels. you can see one parachute tangled in the trees. russia says its war plane was conducting bombing runs, targeting isis terrorists in syria. but turkish officials say the jet crossed its border, flying over this sliver of turkish air space, less than two miles wide. the turks insist thewarned the russian pilots to turn back ten times in five minutes before launching a missile. today, russia contends its plane never violated turkish air space. a grim-faced vladimir putin calling turkey's action a stab in the back by the terrorists' accomplices. all day, russian search and rescue helicopters scour the syrian countryside. one of themoming under fire. a russian marine killed.
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syrian rebels releasing this video of a man they claim is a russian service member. russia tonight bieves one of the fighter pilots is dead, but the fate of the other still unknown. >> and mtha is jusust bk from the region tonight. here we are in the middle of this effort to take out isis, martha, and this was an alarming develoent, that turkey would shoot a russian jet right out of the sky? >> reporter: really alarming, david. and you've got this complicated situationhereanyway. you've got russian war planes up there, you've gone american and coalition. this is exactly what the u.s. feared might happen. and what they really want to happen is everybody concentrating on isis and this is a trible event and really a distraction. >> martha raddatz, thank you. as you know, president obama this evening saying turkey has the right to dend itself, but this could get complicated. french president hollande was at the white house today, asking for american support and he will then travel to meet with president putin next. today, in washington, hollande presenting united front with
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president obama, who said america stands by its friends in good times and bad, no matter what. saying we've never forgotten how the french people stood with us after 9/11, and today, we stand with you. we turn tonight to the extreme weather now, nearly 47 million traveling. the vast majority by car this thanksgiving, and a major winter storm affecti travel tomorrow moving east by thanksgiving and friday from the great lakes to texas. snow, ice, heavy rain, all included. outside portland, oregon, whiteout conditions on highway 26. in california, caring skidding, dangerous crashes on internate 80. traffific streting to the horizon. what a mess tonight. les get right to ginger zee, because ginger, a lot of people begin their travel thihis evening. >> reporter: that's exactly right. and by tomorrow, they're all on the roads. so, we need to check in. brand new winter storm watches from texas to iowa. that's more thursday night into friday. yo see the pink and orange, just smothering the west. winter storm wnings a advisories. that's happening now through tomorrow. so, ok at this. it's boise up to billing
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salt lake still is one of the airports to watch out for for a wednesday delay. and then we'll move this to the south and east. by thursday itself, the rain erupts from wisconsin back to texas. i think friday morning looks the messiest. amarillo could see a half inch of ice. dallas to oklahoma city, heavy rain and storms on i-35. >> ginger, thank you. we turn now to the race for 2016, and donald trump, doubling down tonight, standing by his claim t that he saw thousands cheering the buildings coming down on 9/11. tonight, also making news after saying he saw something else. saying he saw workers that morning jumping fromm the twin towers from his own apartment window. but many asking, with the smoke and the fact that his building isis mes away, how could he see people jumping? abc's tom llamas on the campaign trail, and you will hear from many voters tonight who say trump's claims certainly don't bother them. >> reporter: tonht, donald trump taking his claims of what he saw on 9/11 to a new level. >> i have a window in my
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apartment that specifically was aimed at the world trade center because of the beauty of the whole downtown manhattan. and i watched as people jumped. >> reporter: his penthouse in trump tower, located in midtown manhattan, four miles from where the wod trade center once stood. yet despite the distance and the smoke billowing around the twi towerstrump says he was able to see people jumpmp. this is trump's second questionable claim about 9/11 this week. earlier, he said muslims in new jersey celebrated as the towers burned. >> when the world trade ceer, came t tumbling wn, and i watched in jersey city, new jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering. >> repeporter: hsays he saw it on television, but no video has ever surfaced. jersey city officials say it never happened, but trump says others saw it, as well. >> i start getting phone calls in my office, by the hundreds. that they were there andndhey saw this take place. >> reporter: trump's fafans, who
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watch him speak, say they don't think he's lying. do you care at all that he sometimes gets facts wrong or does that not bother you? >> doesn't bother me at all. to err is human. >> i don't think he's going to trtry to intentionally tell you wrong. >> he's good-hearted. he means well. >> reporter: but tonight, from hillary clinton, a much different view. saying the republican front-runner traffics in prejudice and paranoia. and david, you heard in our report donald trump say he's been fielding hundreds of phone cacalls fromeople who always saw thousands of muslims in n jersey celebrating on 9/11. well, we contacted the campaign and asked to speak to some of the callers. they have yote to get back to us. david? >> tom llamas in south carolina tonight. thank you, tom. >> itt we mov now to the heated debate over allowing syrian refuge here in america. 31 states now barring refugees from settling here. mike pence, the first governor to be sued after diverting a refugeeamily to another state. th aclu calling it unconstitutional. the governor citing public safety. and security concerns over the refugees.
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there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. the dramatic video you're about to see. the police chase ending with a shootout and an inferno inon an american highway. the suspect crashing his car into a school bus. both bursting into flames. late details on all of this. also tonight, just days before thanksgiving, the new e. coli scare at a major stotore tonight. the popular food item pulled off the shelves. and bracing for black friday. the flat screen tv war already brewing tonight. some dropping almost to $100. our business correspondent showing you six of the best deals, right after the break.can't predict... e market. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments so in a variety of market cditionons... you can feel confident... our experience. call a t t. rowe pce retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price.
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to your favorite stores onto your phone. with the target app, for example, you could save an additional 10% off on toys. david? >> or you can pick it up for me. when we come back here tonight, just days before thanksgiving, the new e. coli scare. the popular staple now being pulled off the shelves. also, we tolold you about that police chase that eed in a fiery crash on an american highway, smashing into a school bus, bursting into flames. we'll have more in a moment. and the top honors we witnessed at the white house. tonight, the 17 faces honored in all.
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the suspect opening fire, wounding atate trooper. bullets piercing the windshield. that suspect, ununder arre. a new e. coli scare tonight. outbreak linked t costco rotisserie chicken salad. thcdc tonight reporting at least 19 people sickened in seven states. mostly in the west. cost koh pulling the product. more at our website. >> and the presidential medal of freedom tonight. the nation's highest civilian honor for culture and world peace. james taylor and baseball great willie mays among them. when we come back, you have to stay tuned for this. the popular tv personality standing by, right here tonight. he wants to thank the registered nurse who saw something, in a moment. auautomated ice: to file a claiaim, pleasstate your name. carnie wilson. thank you. can you hold on? hold on for one more day really? hey, i know there's pain.
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america strong tonight, and i can see on twitter here every single night, many of you pay very close attention every night, but one nurse watching hgtv might have saved a life. >> we're coming out high on this property. we're listing at 349, but i know this house iss nicer than any other house in the neighborhood. >> reporter: the husband and wife and that show "flip or flop." but it turns out onene viewer s listening and watching a lot more closely than most. she noticed something. a lump, not his adam's apple. this w lower. and she called the production company immediately. she's a registered nurse in texas who said, get to a doctor. tarek el moussa checked in with us today. here's what the nurse t toldhim. >> this is not a joke. i'm a registered nurse and i have seen the lump on your neck. you need to get that checked out right away. >> reporter: he did. and the doctor diagnosed thyroid cancer.
5:58 pm
he'd been to a doctor before, but says he was told not to worry. >> in this case, the doctor didn't notice. a random nurse that was watching televisision did. >> yeah, i actually went to see my doctor multiple times, physically looked at it, it was noug. >> reporter: he tells everyone, trust your gut. get a second and third opinion. tonight, in remission. house, hoping to flip and just this week, reuniting with that nurse from texas. hugging tarek. and you can see him saying, "thank you, thank you." >> the night i had my surgery, we were texting back and forth d it was like 2:00 a.m. in texas, but she was asking me how i was doing, how i'm feeling. >> she's just like his guardian angel, so -- she means a lot to both of us. >> guaare iowa's most accurate weather team and we start with your forecast first." brad/wx wall weather adlib: we hit the 50s today in the metro, so much of our snow has melted. we should not drop below freezing in the city, but watch out in areas to the north tonight as it could get icy. also there will be a chance for some fog
5:59 pm
for mainly those northern counties where there is more snow on the ground. thanks to southerly winds tonight and wednesday, we will be staying mild, but we will also be getting cloudier with a chance for some light showers or drizzle by wed. afternoon. the rain chances will be going up wed. night but temperatures will stay mild, so not travel problems... yet. that could change on thanksgiving day when we will have temperatures falling from the low 40s in the morning into the low meanwhile we are with some snow nw iowa. the main will be the chance for thursday, as colder. some icing the precipitation ends but the clouds will around along with cold temperatures that will carry right some rain/snow showers both saturday and sunday with the best chance monday. at this point, is expected as temps will be above freezing most of the daytime hours. "local 5 news at 6 in hd starts now. we are iowa" "13:04:07 that's a question all the governors are asking because this really a federal responsibility and we're just deeply disappointed those admenistrations has failed to contain and stop isis." stephanie: following recent terror attacks, the topic of refugees has become a hot political topic. governor branstad doesn't want syrian refugees allowed in the state. iowans who oppose the governor's stance marched into the state capitol today. stephanie/2shot good evening. i'm stephanie angleson. jack/2shot: and i'm jack miller. tonight-- a humanitarian effort on the steps of the statehouse. a group of


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